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Top 10 Resorts in Mumbai that appease your mind and soul by staying : India might be a developing nation but it tops the list when it comes to best tourist spots. If you don't believe us, then investigate 7 wonders of the world list and you will find Taj Mahal to be a part of it. Why is it that individuals from all across the globe come to India to stay here for months? It is because there are uncountable spots which are worth exploring and the cost of living is low as equated to other nations. India is one of the most visited tourist terminuses in the world. It is loved correspondingly by both the free voyagers and also by those who wish to dip into the depths of the Indian culture and history in the optimal way by relaxing and feeling every bit of the nation. Because of its rank as one of the foremost tourist destinations across the globe, the Indian subcontinent is sprinkled with a myriad of notable resorts in India for family weekend. Best resorts in Mumbai are famed all over the globe for not only offering world famous hospitality but also for coming with top notch accommodations and finest facilities and amenities. Resorts in India for family weekend range from luxury to heritage, budget and economy, etc. All the resorts are picture-perfect for both leisure and business vacations. Furthermore, most of the resorts in the diverse cities and towns of India are situated within easy proximity of the transportation, which makes them effortlessly reachable. Irrespective of where you tour in India, there will be no shortage of accommodations.

Mumbai is a very opulent history and it has left the nation with thousands of palaces, forts and memorials. Mumbai is peppered with numerous luxury resorts & cheapest resorts in Mumbai. Besides this, there are countless tourist destinations that offer incredulous natural splendor and they have some of the finest luxury resorts Mumbai. From hill stations to desserts, from attractive beaches to wildlife preserves, there is virtually no type of tourist destination that one will not get an opportunity to experience on an India tour. The soaring mountains of Himalayas in the north with their icy gusts, snowfalls make way for the parched desserts palaces of Rajasthan in the west. The plush green mountains and hills in the North East, the seashores of the west and southern India and all the places witnessing secrets of history, incredibly opulent cultural heritage and tradition.

Luxury resorts and cheap resorts in Mumbai

Mumbai is home to some celebrated hotel groups. Maximum of these groups have grossed a universal appreciation for their luxury resorts Mumbai. Top luxury resorts of Mumbai come with top notch facilities and amenities. Intended for the higher class, they offer deluxe lodging besides fine dining experience. Furthermore, luxury accommodations in Mumbai are fortified with cutting-edge facilities and amenities. Tantamount with ease and comfort, they gratify the essential requirements of the diverse visitors. India is home to numerous world-class heritage hotels too. If we talk about budget resorts, you can get some of the cheapest resorts in Mumbai. Perfect for the budget travelers and voyagers, these come with comfy accommodations. Whether you are on a leisure trip or business journey, cheapest resorts Mumbai are found in each and every corner of the nation. More or less all the diverse cities and towns of India have these. Though they do not come with amenities and facilities resembling the luxury hotel, they offer comfortable lodgings and cater to the diverse requirements of the guests.